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The Languages of Left
What the World thinks of Lefties

In many languages the word for left or for lefthand has a derogotory meaning; such as in French the word for "left" is gauche which also means awkward.
Here is the list I've compiled.

  Language Group Word for Left  Lefthanded Lefthander Negative Meaning
Arabic Semitic  Shemaal
 Aysar A`sar (` = voiced glottal plosive sound)  - It's not nice to be lefthanded.
- Associated with devil.
- A`sar comes from the verb (`asar) which means usually "uneasy" or "hard"in noun form. Notice that this is in standard Arabic and every country
has their own word for "left-hander."
- In Kuwait parents usually their tell left-handed children that the devil eats with them with the left hand!
Armenian   Tzakh     Not too normal
Chinese   Jow     No derogotory meaning
Czech Slavonian levý  levoruký  levák The meaning of these words is near "clumsy", "awkward" or "unfair"
Danish   Venstre   ketjhåndet Awkward or crooked
Dutch   Links     Handy in a crooked way, crazy, dangerous
Farsi   Chap     None
Finnish Finno-Ugri Vasen     Nothing
Hindi Sandskrit Daya     Nothing
Gaelic       Ciotóg (Kitóg) "To dig (kick) with the left foot". In Ireland used, as a put-down, by Catholics to refer to Protestants, and visa-virsa.
German   Links linkshändig   Linkisch - awkward
Hausa Chadic,
northern Nigeria
Agu   hunu agu backwards
To give with the left is not good
Hungary   Ball  Balkez    





 From Latin, sinister --> evil.
"Sinistro" is also the term
used to define car accidents.
Japan         Slow


(on the left side)

Evil,mMalicious, harmful, ominous
Punjabi   khaba   khaba or khabu none
Romanian   Stânga     Awkward. (rare)
Slovak Slovak Lavák     Both hands are left.
Spanish   Ixquierda   Zurdo Al lado izquierdo - wrong side of the road.
Tigrinya Eretria
Tsagum   Acheli Munka - is a negative. Calling someone lefthanded in a bad way.




 yedama cheti vatam


Yugoslav   Levo   Levak In a bad mood.
Got out of bed on the left foot

I am trying to find out how may languages have something bad to say about lefties. If you can help me out please answer the following questions or else correct any mistakes I have made (see chart above). Thank you.


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