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Lefties make up a pretty distinguished company. OK, so maybe there are a few here that you don’t want to be associated with, but by and large, anyone would be proud to be a member of this group.

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Websites The web pages listed are not necessarily the only or the best pages available. Where available I have picked an official home page and where there was not one, I picked an informative one. Where no page is listed it does not necessarily mean that I found nothing, just that it was not comprehensive enough to list.
If you have a good link or a better link or any additions, please let me know. Comment

There are over 300 names so please give the page a moment.

Sorted by Last Name 

Jim Abbott USA Baseball pitcher http:/
Dan Ackeroyd Canada Actor, Comedian
Wasim Akram Pakistan Cricket http:/
Eddie Albert USA Actor http:/
Buzz Aldrin USA Second person to walk on the moon http:/
Jason Alexander USA 'George' on Seinfeld http:/
Alexander the Great Macedonia King of Macedonia http:/
Tim Allen USA Star of 'Home Improvement' on TV and various movies http:/
June Allyson USA Actor http:/
Hans Christian Andersen Denmark Author of children's stories http:/
Harry Anderson USA Actor. 'Night Court', 'Dave's World'
Earl Anthony USA Bowling professional http:/
Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach Germany Composer. Son Johann Sebastin
F Lee Bailey USA Lawyer
Jonah Barrington Britain Squash star
Dave Barry USA Writer http:/
Peter Benchley USA Author
Yogi Berra USA Baseball, catcher, manager http:/
Billy the Kid USA Wild West outlaw and gun slinger http:/
Otto von Bismarck Germany Chancellor to the Kaiser, Created modern Germany http:/
Robert Blake USA Actor http:/
Vida Blue USA Baseball pitcher
Napoleon Bonaparte France Emperor http:/
William H Bonney USA Billy the Kid http:/
Boston Strangler USA See Albert DeSalvo
Michelangelo Bounarroti USA Renaissance artist http:/
Bruce Boxleitner USA Lead on Babylon 5
Benjamin Britten Britain Composer, conductor http:/
Mathew Broderick USA Actor http:/
Chris Browne USA Draws the comic 'Hagar the Horrible' http:/
Lenny Bruce USA Comedian http:/
Mike Bullard Canada Comedian and host of 'Open Mike'. http:/
Carol Burnett USA Comedienne, TV star http:/
George Burns USA Comedian http:/
George Bush Sr. USA Former president of the US http:/
Ruth Buzzi USA Comedienne
Sid Caesar USA Actor, comedian
Julius Caesar Rome Emperor of Rome http:/
William Campbell USA Actor. Played Trelayne on Star Trek http:/
Bruce Campbell USA Actor http:/
Glen Campbell USA Singer http:/
Vickie Carr USA Singer http:/
Lewis Carroll Britain Author of Alice in Wonderland http:/
Jack Carter USA Comedian
Pablo Casals Spain Cellist http:/
Charlie Chaplin USA Silent screen star
Jean Charet Canada Former head of the Conservative Party
Charlemagne Frank King of the Franks. Formed The Holy Roman Empire. Charles the http:/
Great, King of the Franks and founding Emperor of the Holy Roman
Bob Charles New apparently a righthander, but plays golf LH http:/
Winston Churchill Britain Lead Britain during WWII http:/
Marcia Clark USA Prosecutor in O. J. Simpson trial
Tiberius Claudius Rome Roman Emperor http:/
Bernie Clifton Britain Stand-up comedian
William J (Bill) Clinton USA Former President of US http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/bc42.html
Kurtis Edward Cobain USA head singer of Nirvana - deceased http:/
Ty Cobb USA Baseball http:/
Natalie Cole USA Singer http:/

Maureen 'Little Mo' USA First women to win the tennis Grand Slam (1953) http:/
Jimmy Connors USA Tennis http:/
Chuck Connors USA The Rifleman TV show, baseball player http:/
Burt Convey USA Actor
Gentleman Jim Corbett USA Heavyweight boxing champion from 1892 to 1897. http:/
Elizabeth Cotton USA Composed 'Freight Train'
Michael Crawford Britain Musical theatre - Phantom www.
Douglas Creighton Canada publisher of Toronto Sun
Leslie Crowther Britain Comedian.
Tom Cruise USA Actor http:/
Johan Cruyff Netherland Soccer
Quinn Cummings USA Actor http:/
Steve Curllin USA Baseball pitcher
Leonardo da Vinci Italy Renaissance artist & inventor http:/
Johnnie Dankworth Britain Band leader, scored movies http:/
Barney Danson Canada Canadian politician
Clarence Darrow USA Lawyer, evolutionist side in the Skopes trial http:/
Olivia de Havilland Britain Actress http:/
Robert de Niro USA Actor http:/
Bill Deegan Canada Radio broadcaster
James T. deKay USA Wrote a number of books on lefthandedness
Lotta Dempsey Canada Columnist for Toronto Star
Albert DeSalvo USA Boston Strangler http:/
John Dillinger USA Criminal in the '30s http:/
Marie Dionne Canada One of the Dionne quints http:/
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Britain see Louis Carroll http:/
Robert (Bob) Dole USA Politician http:/
Michael Dorn USA Actor on Star Trek TNG http:/
Fran Drescher USA Actress http:/
Richard Dreyfuss USA Actor http:/
Jaroslav Drobny Czech tennis http:/
Raoul Dufy France Impressionist painter http:/
Albrecht Durer Germany Renaissance Painter http:/
Bob Dylan USA Singer http:/
Elliot Easton USA http:/
Shirley Eikhard Canada Singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer.
Albert Einstein USA Scientist http:/
Georgia Engel USA Ted's wife on 'Mary Tyler Moore' & also on 'Coach'
Marian Engel Canada Writer http:/
M C Escher Netherland Graphic artist http:/
Greg Evans USA Draws the comic 'Luann' http:/
W.C. Fields USA Actor http:/
Peter Fonda USA Actor, son of Henry Fonda http:/
Whitey Ford USA Baseball pitcher http:/
Gerald Ford USA Former president http:/
Guy Forget France Tennis http:/
Benjamin Franklin USA Inventor, writer, statesman http:/
Neale Fraser Australia Tennis
Frederick II, Great Germany King of Prussia http:/
Barbara Frum Canada radio reporter & personality http:/
Allen Funt USA Creator of Candid Camera http:/
Greta Garbo Sweden Actor http:/
James Abram Garfield USA 20th president of the US http:/
Judy Garland USA Singer, dancer, actor http:/
Terri Garr USA Actor
Crystal Gayle Canada Singer http:/
Lou Gehrig USA Baseball, NY Yankees http:/
Bob Geldof Britain Singer http:/
Uri Geller Iraael Illusionist? http:/
King George VI Britain of Great Britain. Father of Elizabeth II http:/

Paul Michael Glaser USA Actor
George Gobel USA Guitar playing comedian
Whoopi Goldberg USA Actor http:/
Sara Gomer Britain Tennis
David Gower Britain Cricket http:/
Betty Grable USA Actor http:/
Herol Graham Britain Boxer http:/
Cary Grant USA Actor http:/
Gunter Grass Germany ? author of The Tin Drum http:/
Peter Graves USA Actor http:/
Bruce Greenwood USA Star of TV series 'Nowhere Man' http:/
Ken Griffey, Jr USA Seattle Mariner, baseball http:/
Ron Guidry USA Baseball http:/
Cathy Guisewite USA 'Cathy' comic strip http:/
Tony Gwynn USA Baseball http:/
Dan Haggerty USA Actor 'Life & Times of Grizzly Adams'
Marvin Hagler USA Boxer http:/
Dorothy Hamell USA Olympic figure skater http:/
Mark Hamill USA Actor. Luke Skywalker in 'Star Wars'. http:/
Barbara Harris USA Actress. Blanche in 'Family Plot'.
Rex Harrison Britain Actor http:/
Don Harron Canada Actor, Radio personality, a.k.a. Charley Farqueson http:/
Huntington Hartford USA Member of the once rich & famous Hartford family. A&P heir
Goldie Hawn USA Actor http:/
Isaac Hayes USA http:/
Heinrich Heine Germany Poet
Ricky Henderson USA Baseball, Designated hitter
Jimi Hendrix USA Musician
Jim Henson USA Puppet master http:/
Joey Hetherton USA Actor, dancer
Captain High Liner Canada
Ben Hogan USA Golfer http:/
Hans Holbein Netherland Portrait Painter
Herbert Clark Hoover USA 31st president of the USA http:/
Elias Howe USA Inventor of the sewing machine http:/
Rock Hudson USA Actor
Jay Ingram Canada TV host of @discovery.ca http:/
Goran Ivanisevi Croatia tennis http:/
Jack the Ripper Britain Name given to the unknown killer of prostitutes http:/
Kate Jackson USA Actor http:/
Reggie Jackson USA Baseball http:/
Derek Jameson Britain Newspaper editor
Roy Jenkins Britain Politician
Bruce Jenner USA Decathelon winner in 1976 http:/
Jim Jinkins USA Draws the comic 'Doug'
Joan of Arc France http:/
Shirley Jones USA Played Mom on 'Partridge Family' http:/
Gabe Kaplan USA Actor, comedian http:/
Danny Kaye USA Actor, singer, dancer http:/
Diane Keaton USA Actor
Caroline Kennedy USA Daughter of John Kennedy http:/
John F, Jr Kennedy USA Son of John Kennedy, pres http:/
Kermit the Frog USA World's most famous frog
Nicole Kidman USA Actor http:/
Kenneth Kimmins USA Stars as Howard Burleigh on the TV show 'Coach' http:/
Albert King USA Blue Guitarist http:/
King George II Britain King of England at the time of the American Revolution http:/

Phyllis Kirk USA Played Nora Charles on the 'Thin Man'
Paul Klee Switzerland Painter http:/
Petr Korda Czech Tennis http:/
Sandy Koufax USA Baseball pitcher http:/
Lisa Kudrow USA Played Phoebe Buffay on 'Friends' http:/
Charles Lamb Britain Writer http:/
Michael Landon USA Actor http:/
Michele Landsberg Canada Columnist for Toronto Star http:/
Judge Mills Lane USA Judge on TV & real judge http:/
Hope Lange USA Actor
Brian Lara Trinidad Cricket http:/
Rod Laver Australia Tennis http:/
Peter Lawford Britain Actor http:/
Cloris Leachman USA Actor
Henri Leconte France Tennis
Jay Leno USA Comedian
Hal Lindon USA Actor
Brian Linehan Canada Broadcaster, movie expert
Cleavon Little USA Actor
Compton MacKenzie Scotland Novelist http:/
Shirley MacLaine USA Actor
Rita Malone USA see Anne Meara
Marcel Marceau France Mime http:/
Juliana Margulies USA Played Nurse Calo; Hathaway on 'ER' http:/
Harpo Marx USA Comedian http:/
Marsha Mason USA Actor
Mary Stuart Masterson USA Actor http:/
Jessie Matthews Britain Stage Actress http:/
Bill Mauldin USA Draw the comic strip 'GI Joe' http:/
Paul McCartney Britain The Beatles http:/
John McEnroe USA Tennis http:/
Robert McNamara USA http:/
Kristy McNichol USA Actor http:/
Steve McQueen USA Actor http:/
Anne Meara USA Half of Stiller and Meara (Rita Malone) http:/
S. Epatha Merkerson USA Plays Lieutenant Van Buren on the TV show 'Law & Order'. http:/
Michelangelo Italy Renaissance artist. Full name: Buonarroti Michelangelo http:/
James A Michener USA Author http:/
Phil Mickelson USA Golfer. NCA champ for 3yrs. http:/
Martha Mitchell USA Wife of Attornety-Gen under Nixon
Marilyn Monroe USA Actor http:/
Julianne Moore USA Actor in The Big Lebowski http:/
Edward R. Morrow USA One of the founders of TV journalism, http:/
Barry Morse Canada Actor http:/
The Muppets USA Created by Jim Henson
Susan Musgrave Canada Poet http:/
Stan Musial USA Baseball http:/
Martina Navratilova USA Tennis, Czech http:/
Admiral Lord Horatio Britain http:/
Anthony Newley Britain Actor http:/
Friedrich Nietzsche Germany Philosopher http:/
Jamling Norgay Nepal One of the Everest climbers and son of the T. Norgay who climbed with Hilary. http:/
Kim Novak USA Actor http:/
Ryan O'Neal USA Actor http:/
Pat Oliphant USA Political cartoonist http:/
Mary Kate Olsen USA Played Michelle Tanner on 'Full House' http:/
Manuel Orantes Spain Tennis. Great clay court and all-around player, won a lot of tournaments.
Niccolo Paganini Italy Violinist, composer http:/
Joe Pantoliano USA In the movie 'Bound' he fire a gun with his lefthand. http:/
Brant Parker USA Draws the comic 'The Wizard if Id'' http:/
Estelle Parsons USA 'Bonny & Clyde' & mother on 'Roseanne'
Stella Parton USA Actor, Actress http:/
Pele Brazil Edson Arantes do Nascimiento http:/
Anthony Perkins USA Actor http:/
H Ross Perot USA US President hopeful http:/
Luke Perry USA Played Dylan McKay on '90210' http:/
William J Perry USA US Defense Secretary http:/
Gordon Pinsent Canada Writer, actor, director, singer, producer http:/
Su Pollard Britain Comedian
Michael J. Pollard USA Actor
Cole Porter USA Composer http:/
Robert Preston USA Musical actor
Charles Prince of Wales Britain see Prince Charles http:/
Prince William Britain of Great Britain. Son of Charles & Di http:/
Sergej Prokofiev Russia Composer http:/
Richard Pryor USA Actor http:/
Queen Victoria Britain http:/
Claude Raines USA Actor http://www.imdb.com/Name?Rains,+Claude
Ramses II Egypt Pharaoh http:/
Raphael Italy Painter http:/
Ronald Reagan USA Former U.S. president http:/
Robert Redford USA Actor http:/
Shannon Reed USA Co-star on sit-com 'Major Dad' http:/
Keanu Reeves USA Actor http:/
Christopher Reeves USA Actor, Superman http:/
Mandy Rice-Davies Britain Prostitute involved in a British government scandal http:/
Michael Richards USA Played Kramer on 'Seinfeld' http:/
Don Rickles USA Comedian http:/
Paul Rimstead Canada Writer, columnist for Toronto Sun http:/
Julia Roberts USA Actor http:/
Nelson A Rockefeller USA Politician http:/
Otis Rush USA Blue Guitarist http:/
Babe Ruth USA Baseball http:/
Eva Marie Saint USA Actor
"Neon" Deion Sanders USA Football http:/
Helen Hooven Santmyer USA Wrote '. . .And Ladies of the Club. .'
Telly Savalas USA Actor http:/
Gale Sayers USA Football
General H Norman USA Lead armed force in Gulf War http:/
Albert Schweitzer Germany Humanitarian, theologian, musician, physician http:/
Ronald Searle Britain Author, artist http:/
Jerry Seinfeld USA Stand-up Comedian and TV star http:/
Monica Seles USA Tennis, from Croatia http:/
Ayrton Senna Brazil race car driver http:/
Merle Shane Canada Writer
Sheilds & Yarnel USA Mime
Wally Shirra USA Astronaut
Charles Shultz USA Creator of 'Peanuts' http:/
Paul Simon USA Singer http:/
O.J. Simpson USA Murder suspect
Christian Slater USA Actor http:/
Dick Smothers USA Comedian
Sir Gary Sobers Barbados Cricket. Considered the most gifted all-round player. http:/
Brett Sommers Canada Actor. Former wife of Jack Klugman http:/
Brent Spinner USA Data on Star Trek
Mark Spitz USA Olympic swimmer http:/

Ken Stabler USA Quarterback
Sylvester Stallone USA Actor http:/
Ringo Starr Britain Drummer with The Beatles http:/
Rod Steiger USA Actor http:/
Casey Stengal USA Baseball manager
Sting Britain Bass player with The Police http:/
Michael Stipe USA R.E.M. http:/
Sherry Stringfield USA Played Dr. Susan Lewis on 'ER' http:/
Roscoe Tanner Australia Tennis
Roger Taylor Britain Bass player for 'Queen' http:/
Tiny Tim USA Singer http:/

Tony Tommi USA Guitarist with Black Sabbath
Rip Torn USA Actor http:/
Warner Troyer Canada Investigative reporter
Harry S Truman USA Former President http:/
Alan Turing Britain Mathematician, code breaker http:/
Brenda Vaccaro USA Actor
Karen Valentine USA Actor
Rudy Vallee USA Singer http://www.imdb.com/Name?Vallee,+Rudy
Ludwig van Beethovan Germany Composer http:/
Dick van Dyke USA Actor http:/
Guillermo Vilas Argentina Tennis http:/
Johann Wolfgang von Austria Philosopher http:/
Joan Watson Canada Columnist for Toronto Star
Johnny Wayne Canada Wayne & Shuster comedy duo
Mike Weir Canada 1999 First Canadian golfer in nearly half a century to win a PGA http:/
Herbet G. Wells Britain Author, inventor http:/
Jimmy White Britain Snooker http:/
James Whitmore USA Actor
Ted Williams USA Baseball. Lefthanded batter http:/
Paul Williams USA Composer http:/
Kenneth Williams Britain English actor - Carry On movies http:/
Bruce Willis USA Movie actor http:/
William Windom USA Actor
Oprah Winfrey USA Actress & talk show host http:/
Mare Winningham USA Actress http:/
Bobby Womack USA R & B singer http:/
Mark Woodforde Australia Tennis http:/
Joanne Woodward USA Actor http:/
Keenan Wynn USA Actor
Steve Young USA Football
Stefanie Zimbalist USA Starred in TV show 'Remmington Steele' http:/